Azure Autoscale & Custom Metric scaling feature updates

Improvements to Autoscale, faster auto scaling, simplified configuration, the ability to scale by a custom metric using Application Insights.

Faster Autoscale 

  • Classic Cloud Services:  Autoscale setting can now be set to have as low as a five-minute time window to activate (previous recommended time window was no less than 30 minutes).
  • VMSS and App Services:The Autoscale engine for VMSS and App Services can also now trigger scale actions faster. The new engine is tuned to check for your metric based rules every minute, thereby enabling the ability to scale your instances as early as 1 minute after a metric value crosses the threshold set in an Autoscale setting.
  • Autoscale using custom metrics: Autoscale using custom metrics is available now and enables you to scale Classic Cloud Service, VMSS or App Service workloads by any Azure Monitor based metricor custom and application metrics collected by Application Insights, Azure’s application performance management service. Here is a sample of an Autoscale setting that allows you to scale your Web API app based on a custom metric ingested to Application Insights.
  • Improved Autoscale troubleshooting: The Autoscale engine logs an event in Activity Log every time it triggers a scale action, however, the target resource that is being scaled out or in can take the time to complete the scale action. It is important to know when the scale action completes or reports as failed so that you can take automated actions on the resource. To support this, the Autoscale engine now generates a scale action result event when the underlying target service completes the action or reports it as failed. This scale result event is also logged in the Activity Log and includes valuable information about why your Autoscale event failed. We’ve also introduced a new Autoscale Activity Log category so that you can easily filter to view only Autoscale-related events. You can leverage the new Activity Log Alertsto receive notifications or take automated actions via webhooks and Azure Automation, Logic Apps or Functions. This feature is now enabled for Cloud Services, VMSS and App Services.


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