Troubleshoot no Telemetry data for Application insights for web apps which doesn’t use AI SDK

Check the below settings to check missing telemetry data for App insights

  1. Server side:
  • Check ApplicationInsightsExtensionInstall.log from LogFiles folder in Kudu
    • it contains the full installation log and you’ll see exceptions if any
    • also you should see “End of Application Insights installation and configuration.” at the end and if it doesn’t it means that installation was interrupted for instance by web site restart
  • Check AI artifacts
    • check if you have ApplicationInsights.config with some content populated in application root folder – it could be erased by app re-deployment after extension installation
    • check if you have AI assemblies in application bin folder – the same: they could be erased by app re-deployment after extension installation

In case of exceptions and/or missing files try to re-install the extension.

  1. Client side:
  • Check that you have AI URL rewrite rules in the applicationHost.config i.e. XDT transformation was applied correctly -> try to search for ApplicationInsights and you’ll find rules definitions under <rewrite>
  • Check if you have AI JS snippet being inserted into the page by checking the page source -> should be inserted before first closing </head> tag

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