Azure Virtual Networking

Azure Virtual Network is a construct that allows you to connect virtual network interface cards to a virtual network to allow TCP/IP-based communications between network enabled devices. Azure Virtual Machines connected to an Azure Virtual Network are able to connect to devices on the same Azure Virtual Network, different Azure Virtual Networks, on the Internet or... Continue Reading →

Service Fabric Use case: E-commerce

To bring new services to their customers and optimize their operations, e-commerce/airline companies are adopting cloud computing as a key element in their long-term strategy. The systems supporting their website enable people to make add products to cart/reservations, look up products/travel information, manage their plans, get customer support, and more. Customers provide personal information and make... Continue Reading →

Use cases for Azure Container Service, Azure Service Fabric and Azure Functions

Azure Container Service (ACS) provides a bridge between Azure and existing containers ecosystem. It lets developers manage underlying infrastructure (VMs, Storage, Load Balancing, etc.) separately than the application.  It offers developers to select from 3 major container orchestrators available today i.e. (DC/OS, Swarm and Kubernetes). It collaborates with the the container ecosystem to contribute towards promise of application virtualization. It... Continue Reading →

OMS Architecture

Operations Management Suite (OMS) is a collection of cloud-based services for managing your on-premises and cloud environments. This article describes the different on-premises and cloud components of OMS and their high-level cloud computing architecture. Components: Log Analytics Azure Automation Azure backup Azure Site Recovery Log Analytics If you have no current monitoring in place for your... Continue Reading →

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