Monthly Archives: July 2020

Setting Environment Variables for Terraform on Windows

I was working on my personal project on Terraform deployments on AKS and had this urge to automate the deployment. By setting Environment variables in Terraform, certain frequently used variable’s values & behaviour can be customised , or to increase output verbosity for debugging. Environment variables generally help to abstract away and set variables like usernames, password, aad-client-id, client secret

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Kick start Kubernetes Managed Service(AKS) on Azure Series(Part-2)

In my previous post here we went through how to start deploying Azure AKS Cluster. Before we start deploying applications on AKS, i want to drill down little more into Logical components in Kubernetes(k8s) and how they are mapped to physical components in managed kubernetes services providers like Azure AKS. Kubernetes is a cluster technology. In the container world there

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Kick start Kubernetes Managed Service(AKS) on Azure Series(Part-1)

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) provides a managed Kubernetes service that reduces the complexity for deployment and core management tasks, including coordinating upgrades. The AKS control plane is managed by the Azure platform, and you only pay for the AKS nodes that run your applications.  Checking AKS versions available in your preferred Azure location Checking Azure Resource Provider All services in

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