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Azure Policy As Code – Accelerate governance in cloud

The cloud, in the context of technology, has many definitions and types—ranging fromits simplest form of using shared resources, to a fully automated environment withextreme standardization. Various departments in your organization would be creating, updating and terminating resources in cloud. What does this really mean in practice, and how is it relevant to your organization?The answer is simple: technology exists

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Horizontal pod autoscaling(HPA) in Azure aks

Hey folks!! its been a couple of months that couldn’t do a writeup on a topic. Having been closely watching the Rise and the Rise of Kubernetes based solutions off late I found the Auto scaling concepts pretty exciting. There are 3 different ways of scaling in kuberenetes Horizontal Pod AutoScaler(HPA) – Declarative Pod Resource Request based scaling Cluster Node

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Making sense of kubernetes Resource reservations in Azure AKS

I was running through kubernetes core concepts w.r.t Azure AKS and came across this Microsoft documentation here. Naturally it took me some time(actually a lot of time) to understand and grasp the internals of how the compute and memory resources are allocated/reserved for pods in kubernetes. Hence writing this post share some some insights of my learning on this. Compute

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Setting Environment Variables for Terraform on Windows

I was working on my personal project on Terraform deployments on AKS and had this urge to automate the deployment. By setting Environment variables in Terraform, certain frequently used variable’s values & behaviour can be customised , or to increase output verbosity for debugging. Environment variables generally help to abstract away and set variables like usernames, password, aad-client-id, client secret

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