Monitoring Sitecore Topology on Azure – Azure Metrics, App Insights, Azure Monitor, Service Health Alerts

Sitecore topologies(9.0.2) officially provided at contains the below Azure resources Azure web app Azure SQL Database Azure Search Azure Redis cache Azure Application Insights Looking at an overall Sitecore topology the below would be an architectural representation of the monitoring story.¬† App Insights collects the telemetry from all the web apps and measures web... Continue Reading →

Azure Autoscale & Custom Metric scaling feature updates

Improvements to Autoscale, faster auto scaling, simplified configuration, the ability to scale by a custom metric using Application Insights. Faster Autoscale¬† Classic Cloud Services: ¬†Autoscale setting can now be set to have as low as a five-minute time window to activate (previous recommended time window was no less than 30 minutes). VMSS and App... Continue Reading →

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