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Data Engineering on Google Cloud – Automated Data replication approach from Cloud SQL to Big Query using Python

Google Cloud has some rich features and products w.r.t SQL when your apps are built on MySQL or PostgreSQL. But If you have a requirement to replicate the data and schema from Cloud SQL(SQL Server) to Big Query then the options are limited. Reasons: Google Cloud Data Flows doesn’t support Cloud SQL(SQL Server) as Source as per official docs Big

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Data Engineering on Google Cloud- python docker cloud SQL for sqlserver

Feeling good to be back blogging again!! I was recently fortunate to have got a chance to work on Google cloud and i found it super interesting!!! Hence the urge to start writing again. Hope this is useful for anyone looking for a serverles data engineering solution on GCP. Google cloud offers 3 flavors of SQL PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQL

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Use cases for Azure Container Service, Azure Service Fabric and Azure Functions

Azure Container Service (ACS) provides a bridge between Azure and existing containers ecosystem. It lets developers manage underlying infrastructure (VMs, Storage, Load Balancing, etc.) separately than the application.  It offers developers to select from 3 major container orchestrators available today i.e. (DC/OS, Swarm and Kubernetes). It collaborates with the the container ecosystem to contribute towards promise of application virtualization. It simply offers a glue between

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