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Securing Inbound Access to Azure App services using Azure Private Link

Microsoft has recently released a Public Preview of Private Link for Azure App Service.  This preview is available in limited regions for all PremiumV2 Windows and Linux web apps. Until this point securing App Services through Virtual Network Isolation was only possible through App Service Environments(ASE). ASE’s are generally expensive and have long initial deployment cycles as a drawback. Private

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Saving costs for Sitecore environments on Azure PAAS using Automation

Azure Web apps and Azure SQL databases are primary components in Sitecore environments deployed on Azure PAAS. For example a XP Topology, Sitecore 9.0.2 ARM Templates deploys around 9 web apps in 6 different App Service Plans(Except XP-Single) 12 SQL databases in various service tiers As for Azure consumption, an Azure month is typically counted for 732 hours. Azure web

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