How to experience Northern lights in the midst of Pandemic?

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Pic credit from HolidayMe

This story  is about an incredible experience I had with my family last evening.

Before I move further in my story I live in north west part of Singapore in a south west facing flat on 9th floor with completely open front facing view which drives some very cool breeze around the our hall area both in the mornings and late evenings. With lot of greenery and trees around, early morning starts with chirping birds and Cuckoos making distinctive series of hollow, wooden-sounding ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-kow-kow-kowlp-kowlp-kowlp-kowlp syllables. The whole series is quite slow and gets slower toward the end; calls can last up to about 8 seconds.

Myself, my daughter(4.5 yrs) and my wife were at home last evening doing usual chores and Around 8:30pm SGT my daughter suddenly asks me if we can have an experience of sleeping on top of mountain to experience sun rise the next day. She quickly gets her kids tent, packs her kitchen toys, arranged tables and chairs to give an dining experience on top of mountain. I switched on hall speakers and quickly tuned in some fav songs.

My daughter starts by making dinner for us using her kitchen toys and serves hot tea for me and coffee for my wife on the exquisite dining arrangement on the mountain. With cool breeze and light music adding to this scene, I and my wife sipped our hot beverages with delight. My daughter takes a short break watching the sky and comes back and says “Shall we experience night under the planets and stars?” as if we are in Iceland watching northern lights.

What happened next truly amazed to me to the core. My daughter brought few pillows and my wife helped to set the bed right under the stars(in the hall area) and there we staring at the stars right under sky. My daughter jumps around and on the pillows as if she is really on top of the world. She asks me to lie down and imagines the hall ceiling to be the milky way. She can see and touch all the planets as if she is playing a VR game. She has this habit of playing with her Globe at home and that brings her to the question “Will it be morning in North America because its night in Singapore?”. I said “Yes.”. She follows up another question “Can you guess which planet is Red colour?” Just to tease her i said “May be saturn” or “May be Jupiter”. Before she shouts right under my ears I said “Ahh.. I remember. Its Mars”. She jumps to joy to give me 1 point for right answer.

Next she asks me “how many moons does earth?” Without much hesitation I said “Its 10” to again tease her. She follows up with loud “Nooooooooo” that even Holy Gods from the heavens would have heard. I had to quickly correct myself to have.

With some light music around it seemed we all on a trip of a life time in the midst of Pandemic. By now it was around 12 am and daughter’s energy levels started dropping a little bit and she dozed off slowly making me her pillow.

Its 6:30AM now and sun is still trying to get out on the other side of the mountain as if its waiting for my daughter to wakeup and watch her shine the world. My daughter is still living the dream while I turn her dream into a story in this blog.

Some times when life greets you with adversities and punch you right under your nose with such a force that you may have never thought of – family is only place you truly feel turn yourself to and try to be with them in those moments of pure togetherness. A memorable experience for a life time.

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